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Season three of Netflix’s The
dropped on Sunday and already has fans fact-checking, praising the
performances, and creating wish lists for which scandals they want to see next.
It’s the first time viewers are seeing Olivia Colman and Helena
Bonham Carter
playing their royal roles in the series, and so far, by all
accounts, it’s so, so good.

This season, the
roll into events of the ‘60s and ‘70s and will be tied up with
in-house spies, a wave of modernization in Britain, and changing views on the monarchy.
There’s much more, and to help fans wade through the storylines and dive into royal
facts and fiction, Netflix is offering something special for The Crown.

Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman
Olivia Colman of ‘The Crown’ | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Netflix launches ‘The Crown’ podcast

On Nov. 18, the podcast officially hit the internet for your listening pleasure. The Crown: The Official Podcast was birthed with the aid of the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, and is hosted by Edith Bowman. According to Deadline, the podcast will follow along with each weekly episode of the show and will feature input and commentary from Morgan along with others involved with the series.

It’s one of a few Netflix companion podcasts and it joins
the likes of Daybreak’s scripted The Only Podcast Left. In the opening
, Bowman explained that the show will be a deep dive into the
stories that audiences see on their televisions as well as a behind-the-scenes
peek into The Crown’s making. That will include addressing some of the
show’s real-life historical elements.

The first podcast is dedicated to the return of ‘The Crown’

Morgan was this week’s guest and he talked about how he
started writing the new season two to three years ago. While he looks forward
to sharing his work with fans, he admitted it can be nerve-racking to anticipate
the scrutiny and reactions that come with such a popular show.

He and casting directors Nina Gold and Robert Sterne touched
on what it was like having to replace the entire cast for this next phase of The
. They said that Colman’s name was a forerunner for the queen and
fortunately, she immediately said yes. It was also important for them to
establish “alchemy” between the multiple incarnations of a character.

They said all the actors bring qualities to their characters
that make them seem like real people and not carbon copies of their subjects.
It’s about making a connection.

Fandom for ‘The Crown’ justifies a podcast

Though season three just arrived, the fandom for The Crown is already gearing up for season four and beyond, itching to see the stories play out with Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher, members of the royal family, and others in the palace’s circle.

A sweep of social media also reveals that some viewers are interested in seeing the show address other royal scandals in the future such as Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. The timing of the podcast is ripe.

As the episodes continue to roll out, the audience will have a shot at hearing their questions answered and perhaps have some of their predictions confirmed too. Look out for podcast episodes each Monday.

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