These are the 3 best photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from 2019, according to the royal familys photographer – INSIDER


1. This photo of Markle dancing with locals in Cape Town is an ‘unusual’ display of ‘a royal cutting loose,’ according to Hussein.

Harry Meghan Africa 003.JPG

Samir Hussein.

The photo was taken on the first day of Harry and Markle’s tour of Africa with baby Archie in September of this year. 

“This is a very unusual royal photo because it shows a royal cutting loose and dancing with locals, fully enjoying the moment,” Hussein told Insider.

“This photo was taken on tour with Meghan and Harry in South Africa as they visited a township in Cape Town.

“A group of female dancers approached Meghan and she was only too happy to join in, producing this great moment of joy and spontaneity.”

Harry eventually tried to join in as well, and an awkward video of the moment surfaced online shortly after.

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