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Here were are at the halfway point of “The Masked Singer” and there are some incredible talents left in the competition. In fact, one could argue that there are only incredible talents left.

This week saw four of them take the stage, meaning it was the return of the Smackdown round. That meant they first went head-to-head and then the losers of those matchups had to square off for one final chance.

It was double the pressure for the masked singers, but meant double the pleasure for those of us watching at home as we got to see two stellar performances from two of tonight’s amazing talents.

This week, saw the return of the legendary Flower, surprising Rottweiler, theatrical Leopard and energetic Flamingo. And all four of them brought their A-games, meaning at no point was it obvious who was losing until the final mask came off.

And then when it did, wowzers did this season find some superstars!

Tonight, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you.


Flamingo really poured her all into this performance showcasing a very rich and throaty voice. She is a polished performer on stage and definitely sings with the confidence and vocal strength of a professional.

Guesses: Flamingo said she’s been gaining in confidence since the first week on the show. Jenny is still convinced it’s Adrienne Bailon, even though Adrienne has flat-out denied that she’s Flamingo on this show.

Ken went with Bella Thorne while Joel thought maybe it was Jillian Michaels, which would be a remarkable secret talent for the celebrity trainer. Robin, though, is still convinced it’s Fantasia Barrino, but we’re not so sure her voice is this smooth.

Hilariously, Twitter doesn’t care that Adrienne has denied being the Flamingo and continues to insist that it’s the former Cheetah girl under all that pink.


Leopard offered up a song that didn’t challenge much vocally, but he still has a confidence and cheeky charm when he performs that makes him eminently watchable. He may not be a professional singer (at least, probably not), but he’s a born entertainer.

Guesses: Leopard suggested he has multiple little ones who will be stunned to find out who he is, while the clue package suggested teen emancipation and had pictures of older, white women. So, huh?

Even Leopard thought Ken’s Donald Glover guess was awful, while Nicole thought RuPaul album names were misdirects, instead thinking that this is Seal. Joel went with a genuinely terrible guess: Alec Baldwin.

Twitter, meanwhile, is having a field day with this one, offering up guesses from across the expected and totally unexpected spectrum. In other words, they have no idea … and we’re not so sure, either.


After singing the hell out of Patti Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade,” we can’t see anyone but Flamingo pulling this one out, and that’s exactly what happened. And so, Leopard was set to return at the end of the show to battle for his mask.


Flower is so obviously a soul legend, it really narrows down who it might be. In fact, with that voice, that command and that incredible presence, we may be down to just one guess left, and it’s one that Robin has been on for weeks now.

Guesses: This week, Jenny jumped on the Patti bandwagon. Robin thought the game of patty-cake in the clue panel to double-down on Patti, as well.

Ken, meanwhile, clearly has on idea so he’s doubling down on Bjork, but this one seems to be so obviously Patti LaBelle, there’s not much more to say about it. When you’re a legend, that narrows things down quite a bit.

Twitter remains just as convinced as Robin and Nicole and almost never wavered from doubling down on Pattie LaBelle … though there’s still a healthy contingent thinking Macy Gray.


Rottweiler once again nailed his take on a Bruno Mars standard, but it wasn’t a song arranged to show much range. He kept it in his pocket, though, and delivered the right amount of grown and vibrato to continue his powerful showing this season.

Guesses: Rottweiler struggles to accept the compliments from the panel, Jenny thought Gavin Rossdale based on the new clues (platinum, trophies, zen), but Ken wasn’t buying it. Ken went seemingly random with Billie Joe Armstrong, but the “September” clue makes this an actually decent guess.

Nicole and Robin are now both on the Darren Criss bandwagon, which is a testament to Rottweiler’s talent if he’s not a professional singer. Also, if he’s not … wha-huh?

Twitter isn’t locked in on this, though the Chris Daughtry fans are still feeling confident it’s him, while other guesses include Kevin Richardson


As much as we love Flower, and know she’s a world-class legend, it’s hard to vote against Rottweiler, who brings charisma and charm and talent all in an adorable package. And, of course, it was Rottweiler who took it home this week.

SMACKDOWN: Flower v Leopard

Leopard had a bold choice, taking on Pussycat Dolls in front of Nicole but he may have brought his most delightful and vocally solid performance in the process. We loved that rolled ‘R’ and the confidence he displayed throughout.

Flower chose an epic song and gave us a tepid performance. She sounded tired, actually, which was a huge shocker. The song started out with promise, but by the end it seemed like she just petered out.

Results: It’s weird to say we’re voting against an obvious legend of the music industry, but Flower just didn’t bring it in this smackdown. And the audience agreed, as Leopard scored a win off of his winning performance and moves on.


At this point, it simply has to be Ms. Pattie LaBelle, right? There’s such a distinct rasp to her voice that is less thanTina Turner but more than Gloria Gaynor. In other words, we’re looking at you, Patti LaBelle.

Nicole and Robin were both positive that it was Patti, as well. Jenny switched it up and jumped on board the train, but Ken insisted on sticking by Bjork, though he clearly knew that was wrong. Joel, though, switched it up and went with Dionne Warwick.

Robin got to gloat for how long he had this one right as it was indeed Ms. Patti LaBelle, the “Godmother of Soul” herself.

“The Masked Singer” continues next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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