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Teresa Giudice had lots to say about her husband, her father and her co-stars — past and present — when she stopped by “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Wednesday night.

Of course, the topic on everyone’s mind was Joe Giudice, who’s still living in Italy while awaiting the decision of his deportation appeal. And when Andy asked the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star about the next time she would be visiting her husband (she and the girls went earlier this month), he was both surprised and skeptical.

“Um, maybe this summer. Probably this summer ’cause…” Teresa began to say, as Andy interjected, “Maybe this summer?! That’s in like eight, nine months!”

“Well, because the girls wanted to go back for Thanksgiving, but Joe’s just getting his [Italian] passport, so we don’t know if we’re gonna, you know… They were gonna meet in the Bahamas, but I don’t think he’s gonna get his passport… He’s gonna get his passport right around that time,” Teresa explained.

“So they’re definitely going for Christmas. I have to work around that time, so that’s why I can’t go,” she went on, as Andy nodded his head and let out an “uh-huh.”

“So, summer!” she said with a smile. “That’ll be my next break ’cause the girls have school!”

“Okay. Alright,” Andy let out slowly as he gave the camera a smirk and a head nod. Teresa laughed uncomfortably. “Andy!” she said disapprovingly. “His looks.”

This week’s episode of “RHONJ” showed a frustrated Teresa getting “drained” from Joe’s depressing phone calls from the ICE facility he was in for several months following his release from federal prison. Tre’s father, Giacinto Gorga, otherwise known as Nonno, expressed for the first time on camera his disappointment in his son-in-law. “I slap your husband. He never did nothing right. He did everything wrong,” he told his daughter. “Six times I told him go make a citizen. ‘Yeah, yeah, I’ll go.’ He never did. He gotta blame himself.”

Teresa explained the reasoning behind Nonno’s comments on “WWHL,” telling Andy, “Every time we went on vacation — I’ll tell you why he said that — he would have to go in one line [at customs]…”

“Right, and he would hold you up because he wasn’t a citizen!” Andy noted. Teresa confirmed. “So my father used to always tell him, ‘Go get your citizenship!'” she added. “He’s told him a million… My dad really did tell him a lot of times.”

When Andy asked if Nonno felt Tre should stay with Joe, the reality star replied, “He supports whatever makes me happy. That’s what he says.”

The remainder of the interview was focused on Teresa’s relationships with former co-star Caroline Manzo (who Giudice recently suggested was the “rat” who reported Joe to the feds), Danielle Staub (who Tre made amends with after calling her a prostitution whore and flipping a table on her in Season 1) and Margaret Josephs (who on next week’s episode makes a comment about Teresa liking younger men).

Teresa also revealed she recently came close to flipping another table.

During Sunday’s “WWHL,” which took place at BravoCon, Caroline spoke about Teresa’s allegation, which she made during her bombshell interview alongside Joe, telling Andy, “I was sad because it shouldn’t be that. I remember the times that we laughed belly laughs, and I’m sorry that that’s no longer there. And I miss that, and I’m sorry for that, but at the same time, you’re an ass because who says that? Who says that? Those are very big words, and they should be taken with responsibility, and I think she was way off base. And that’s something over the years I’ve been very quiet over a lot of things, and I just couldn’t be quiet about that.”

During the break, Caroline left, which some fans seem to think was because she didn’t want to be on stage with Teresa. So when Andy asked Tre Wednesday night what she thought about Caroline’s comments, she said, “We did have great times, and shame on her for the way it ended up. She’s the one that went against me; I didn’t go against her.”

Teresa’s been the only castmember this season to stick up for Danielle against name-calling the former was once guilty of herself. When Andy pointed out many fans felt she was being hypocritical in her defense, she said, “I forgave her, and we both forgave each other, so I think it’s good to move on. It’s good to forgive, right, guys?”

Cohen also played a scene from next week’s “RHONJ,” during which Margaret makes an off-color joke in front of all the women, including Teresa. While a bartender’s pouring the ladies something called a “21,” Jennifer says, “the 21-year-old,” as Teresa adds, “I’m gonna try it.”

“She likes a minimum age of 21, Teresa. She doesn’t like jail bait,” Margaret blurts out. Teresa’s eyes widen and her mouth opens. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asks, as Margaret maintains, “No, nothing!”

“There’s all these rumors about Teresa with some younger guy, and you’re talking about, ‘She likes ’em 21,'” a stunned Melissa Gorga says to the camera, as Dolores Catania adds, “You can’t joke around about something like this with Teresa unless you’re looking to get your ass kicked.”

When Andy asked Teresa if the comment “registered” when she first heard it come out of Margaret’s mouth, she said, “Of course it did.”

“Were you pissed?” he asked, but Tre maintained she wasn’t. “I just knew what she was doing,” she explained. “I just wanted her to know that I knew.”

Guest Clubhouse bartender Caitlin McGee then asked Andy if he could ask Teresa a question.

“That iconic table flip moment — which was very cathartic for me and I think for women everywhere — now that you’ve embraced that moment, has there been a time since then that you have wanted to flip a table and didn’t?” she wondered.

“Watch the Season 10 finale,” Teresa said with conviction.

Yes. Ma’am.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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