Gordo and Lizzie To Reunite On Disney+ Reboot of Lizzie McGuire – Vulture


Some couples were built to stand the test of time. The adorkable Adam Lamberg who originated the role of Gordo, Hillary Duff’s lovesick bff, on Lizzie McGuire has officially signed on to join the reboot of the beloved Disney Channel series that’s coming to Disney+. Lamberg joins original cast members Robert Carradine, Hallie Todd, Jake Thomas who are reprising their respective roles and, of course, Hillary Duff as the titular Lizzie McGuire. The reboot finds Lizzie turning 30 years old with a seemingly perfect life as an assistant to a high end NYC interior designer (chic!), living in a picturesque Brooklyn apartment (jealous), engaged to a gorgeous chef who is, shockingly, not Gordo. However, now that Gordo is officially back in the picture, here’s hoping that Lizzie dumps the zero (the chef) and gets back with the hero (obviously, Gordo). Also, let’s get Miranda back in the picture! Lalaine, if you’re reading this, have your people call our people.

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