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There’s a reason Demi has more than 75 million Instagram followers. Yes, of course she’s pretty and super talented, but she also knows how to draw people in with an unexpected, or even scandalous, photo. And that’s just what she’s done now. Is Demi telling us she’s PREGNANT?!?!

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with with Clevver News and Demi went on her Instagram account late Wednesday night to promote her baby bump!

Yes, this is pretty wild… but there’s more than meets the eye with this little bun in the oven!

So we know Demi has been working on new music… but this “pregnancy project” doesn’t pertain to her music, which is supposed to be coming soon as well.

Just last week, Demi posted a series of Instagram stories of herself in the studio.

And she wasn’t there alone. She came along with producer Oak Felder, who previously worked on some of her songs like “Sorry Not Sorry”, “Sexy Dirty Love”, “Daddy Issues”, “Only Forever”, and “Games”.

In another story post, she confirmed our suspicions that she was working on new music with a picture of a microphone, along with the caption “Recording a song for my loyal #Lovatics, the ones who support me and whatever makes me happy…”

It continued to say “”If you hating – that ain’t you,” along with a hand waving emoji. “BYE.”

Well, this loyal Lovatic is pumped to hear what she’s coming up with next.

It’ll be her first music that she’s released since signing on with Scooter Braun’s management team.

And she’s most likely signed on with a contract stating that she will release an album AND go on tour within a certain timeframe, which is how it is done with most musicians.

So it looks like we could have a new era of Demi upon us!

Wow. A new Demi album AND a new Selena album all in one year? 2020 is already looking good guys.

Chances are, if Demi is still in the studio, we won’t actually get to hear some of her new music for at least a few more months. So we’ll have to make Selena’s new album in January last until then!

But before any new Demi OR Selena music comes out, we’re going to get to see a very different side of Demi.

Like, a side of Demi we haven’t seen since the days of “Camp Rock” and “Sonny With a Chance”

Yup. It’s actress Demi.

It was announced a few months ago that she would be making a guest role on the NBC sitcom “Will and Grace”.

She announced her guest spot in late August, posting an Instagram photo of herself on the iconic New York City set.

She captioned it “Will & Grace & Demi”.

It was reported back in August that Demi will play, quote “a tough, guarded woman who comes into Will’s life in an unexpected way.”

Will is one of the main stars, obviously, of Will and Grace. He is played by Eric McCormack.

And last night, Demi went back on her Instagram story to give us our first look at her character, Jenny.

She shared this photo, which got a lot of people talking.

“Real or Fake” reads her caption with a lil pregnant emoji.

Of course, this still got people thinking.

One person said “Demi is pregnant with D7”, meaning her 7th album.

But she also included the hashtags “will and grace” and “meet Jenny”, so we know that this pregnancy bump is all for show… LITERALLY!

Of course, Demi posting a pic in a fake pregnancy belly didn’t go down quietly! Some other famous people even commented!

Nikita Dragun, ever the relatable queen, said “me after Chipotle…”

Sean Hayes, another Will and Grace star who plays Jack, said “You look so dang cute in polka dots!”

And honestly, I’ve gotta agree. She can totally come back and have that maternity dress should she ever need it in real life.
And Demi’s new manager, Scooter, joked “Mazel Tov”.

Of course, that came along withover 244 comments of angry Taylor Swift fans replying to him with spiders, rats, pigs, and clowns

But for the most part, everybody was there to celebrate Demi and her upcoming role on one of TV’s most beloved sitcoms.

As for Demi, AKA Jenny, we’ll have to wait and see how she does when the show rolls around next year.

Let me know what you initially thought of Demi’s baby bump? I was shocked and did a double take! Also, do you think a baby, whether that be an album or a human, is in Demi’s near future? Let me know your theories below in the comments section.

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