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John Legend was claimed PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive and it seems like everyone has something to say about it. While initially, Teigen joked about her husband’s new title tweeting, “my secret is out. I have fulfilled my dream of having boned @people’s sexiest man alive!! an honor!!!!!” and “The kids…do not care,” along with a video of her kids’ blank reaction to announcing their dad was the sexiest man alive. However, she was ready for the backlash that would inevitably come.


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“I cannot WAIT for people to get mad about John being the sexiest man alive. it’s my new Starbucks holiday cup,” Teigen tweeted. She was certainly right about that. Wendy Williams chimed in. “You know who I like and he’s not even the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’ I normally don’t like facial hair, but in a new life, I’m meeting a lot of new men. If I could think of one person it would be Jason Momoa,” Wendy Williams said on her show.

When I think about a sexy man, I’m not thinking John Legend,” she added. “The first thing I think of is that I weigh so much more than him. If we were walking down the street and somebody wanted to spray me with a water gun, I need a man that’s going to punch someone in the face. You know what I mean?” Wendy Williams wasn’t the only celebrity to disagree with PEOPLE Magazine’s decision. ‘Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran also had some strong opinions.

“The Sexiest Man Alive? You’ve got to be kidding!” she wrote. “No doubt John Legend is a phenomenal musician, but I’ll tell you what makes a guy sexy- a fabulously chiseled face, eyes that communicate ‘I want you NOW!’ and a body that you can’t stop looking at.” Fans immediately came to Legend’s defense. “That’s very superficial, Barbara. Looks fade. Do you know what really makes a man sexy? Being a loving husband, a doting father, & a beautiful, kind human being. Legend is all of those things,” a fan commented.

Chrissy Teigen also went to bat for her husband. “Barbara are you ever gonna stop talking about this,” Teigen commented on an Instagram post. “No doubt you’ve got a hunk of a man Chrissy!” Corcoran responded. “But what can I say, at my age the best I can do is dream about sexy!” Chrissy couldn’t keep a straight face that remark and dropped the fight saying, “[crying laughing emoji] girl you got power, success and beauty!! U sexy!!!!! All jokes!! [hearts emoji].”

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