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Living in the jungle isn’t quite what Caitlyn Jenner was expecting.

The Olympian-turned-reality star is currently appearing on ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity …Get Me out of Here” in the UK, where her living conditions haven’t been quite as swanky as her Malibu home.

In her first night, Jenner considered quitting the show, as she wondered whether she was wasting precious time with her family by doing this instead.

“Being the first night in the jungle, man my head was spinning,” she explained in a confessional. “Kinda trying to figure out if I’m doing the right thing. I’m thinking, ‘You’re 70 years old now and is being here the right way to use my time?”

“Should I be home, playing with my kids, playing with grandchildren?” she then asked herself. “I’ve never quit at anything I’ve ever done. I’m sitting here going, maybe it’s time you learned that. Just kind of a lot of things going on.”

Looks like she didn’t listen to that voice inside her head, however, as she soldiered on in the competition.

During some downtime with her costars, she was asked all about her time on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” as well as her well-publicized transition.

Jenner said the family has “Basically been doing reality television since reality television [began],” saying she herself did about 500 episodes. Her costars then asked if being on the show made it harder for her, as she was “living this lie” by not being her authentic self.

“It was the dirty secret in the family,” said Jenner.

“I thought I was gonna transition before I was 40, I didn’t want to be an old chick but this is the latter ’80s and I never felt like I fitted in anywhere, I was trying to figure myself out, running around town,” she explained. Jenner said she was once caught — before her transition — by a neighbor as she drove around in her Porsche dressed as a woman.

“I said I was going to a Halloween party,” she revealed, when asked how she explained herself out of that situation.

She also joked about her first experience “driving while female,” telling her costars, “I was driving my car and some guy in a pick up truck beeps his horn and you look over and he’s like blowing kisses.”

See Caitlyn in a black bikini while filming the show below:

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Caitlyn Jenner Rocks a Black Bikini While Filming I’m a Celebrity …

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