Amazon already wants more Lord Of The Rings – The A.V. Club


This isn’t the show. This is a LOTR musical from 2007.
Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

Before we’ve even seen a single lord or ring, Amazon has decided to renew its Lord Of The Rings series for a second season. This comes from Deadline, which says the streaming service/planet-devouring retail monster had always intended to make more than one season, but each one beyond the first still had to formally given the green light. Now that has happened, and it apparently means that the gap between seasons one and two will be slightly shorter than it would’ve been otherwise.

Still, it might be a very long time before we even get that first season, since the full cast isn’t in place yet and the production is planning to take an extended hiatus (four or five months) after filming the first few episodes of season one so the writers can fully plan out season two. The idea is that there might be some season two stuff that they can film alongside season one, or maybe they’ll just film them back-to-back, which Deadline notes is what Peter Jackson did for his Lord Of The Rings movies. They’re already filming it in the same place, why not film it the same way?

The extremely expensive TV show, whenever it’s actually available, will take place long before the arrival of the characters from the movies, with Game Of Thrones supporting player Joseph Mawle apparently playing some bad guy named Oren.

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